Who We Are

Let us introduce ourselves.

Infinite Consulting Group works in partnership with individuals, teams, and organisations to challenge the limits set. We also partner with the world’s most renowned human behaviour firms to bring solutions that are built specifically for our clients, while based on the findings of extensive relevant research.

Because we know there is no one single approach to addressing your needs, we leverage the access we have not only to robust tools and diagnostics, but also to relevant experts in additional fields that can help fast-track your people and your organisation’s agenda. Our top priority is to develop an intimate understanding of your business and how it operates, so that we can help you find the best solutions that are fit for purpose.

At Infinite, the possibilities are endless.

It is the global expertise and research combined with the intimate knowledge of your business that allows Infinite Consulting Group to create the best solutions for your organisation. 

Infinite Consulting Group was founded by Andrew Madams, who has over 20 years of global business and consulting experience.

Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge, combining his experience in a variety of operational and corporate roles, with extensive consulting knowledge gained across the Pacific, Asia, UK and Europe.

Andrew utilises this knowledge and his passion for developing people to meet their full potential. He works with organisations, leadership teams and executives across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Andrew specialises in working with C-Suite and Executive Leaders to build leadership teams that will drive and sustain organisational performance.

Get in contact, if you’re ready to discuss how Infinite can work with you to challenge your limits.